Sure paying commissions for sales

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Scam!Sure Telecom fraud!

It is a quickly spreading trap to spoil career and time. I have been promised a handsome commission on making good sales. I did my hundred percent to achieve the target and beyond. But I am deceived and not paid my commission for sales for 6 months!

They began the cheating by saying the payment would be made within few days. But those few days turned into infinite waiting. They are yet to clear my payments!

So friends be careful if you have any desire of joining Sure Telecom ?Please do not join being tempted of getting a fat hick or commission; you will also fall into the trap and would certainly lose a vital period of your life.



SZI Outsourcing Pvt Ltd.India scamming outsourcing company.

Do not employ the services of this scammer. The company performed duties for Sure Telecom for a number of weeks not months. The company was paid an then the company was due AU$500 only until they scammed Sure Telecom by breaching privacy an contractual agreements and selling Sure Telecom Data to other Telecom companies.

All Australian and world wide telecom companies should never engage in the companies services as all your customer data and internal company information will be stolen and sold and your name placed on the Internet full of lies.

After terminating the services of SZI Outsourcing, Sure Telecom adopted further privacy protection policies to safeguard data and to prevent another scamming company from being able to perform contractual work for Sure Telecom.

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